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You can read our testimonials below 
I attended Clifton Tots when I was 18 months full I time until I left for school. My parents are from Iraq and were working as Doctors in Bristol. All of our family are scattered across the world so my carers and teachers at nursery really were family to us. I remember so many of the people that looked after me at nursery. I remember all the cool toys, trips around Clifton, getting presents from nursery Santa and the chicken pie -that was so good. I am still friends with some of the boys I went to Clifton Tots with even though I now live in Canada. My key carer is like a sister to me and helped my mum out so much when I was little and has visited us here in Canada. If I was still living in Bristol and I had a child I would definitely send them to Clifton Tots, no doubt. Thank you for all the amazing memories guys. Hamid 
I started nursery at 6 weeks old and left when I went to school…then came back to work for Clifton Tots in my 20s. I have such fond memories of nursery and my mum is still friends with other mums from all that time ago. Not only as an old Cliftotian, but as an ex practitioner, there is something really special about Clifton Tots. The kindness and dedication of the team made me feel at home. Now I have my own child I’m struggling to find a nursery in Southampton as I keep comparing it to Clifton Tots! It’s definitely too far too commute right!? - Anya 
In short I am over the moon that I found this complete gem of a nursery and as I work full time I am so relieved and assured knowing my daughter is in such safe and fun and loving care. they all work so hard and deserve a medal ! 
We are writing to let you know much we appreciate your work these last 4 years. Both of our children started attending nursery when they were 6 months old. They have always been happy, well cared for, stimulated, and loved. Gracias! Thank you ! 
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